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Call for Nominations

Deadline April 15, 2018.

NCSS seeks candidates for Vice-President and for members of its Board of Directors. You may nominate yourself, or recommend a colleague member who has experience as an NCSS Associated Group or Affiliated Council leader. Recommendations may be sent to the Nominations and Elections Committee. NCSS encourages all members to recommend possible candidates. 

To prepare students for college, career, and civic life, we would like to highlight a few programs and organizations. Inclusion in this article does not indicate official endorsement by NCSS. 

Action Civics Initiative 

NCSS is a part of the Action Civics Initiative, a non-partisan network of 35 organizations. Action Civics is a student-centered, project-based approach to civics education that develops the individual skills, knowledge, and dispositions necessary for effective citizenship. The Action Civics Initiative promotes four strategies based on community needs: student voice; deliberation; real-world interactions with civic officials and processes; and strong instructor support. Other organizations include:  

The American Bar Association


American Federation of Teachers


The Albert Shanker Institute

The recent release of the Trump Administration’s FY2020 budget request once again proposes deep cuts to programs affecting social studies educators nationwide. Of direct concern is the proposed elimination of the U.S. Department of Education’s K-12 American History & Civics Grants and Academies, currently funded at $4.8 million.

Our partners at the National Coalition for History summarized the impact across all history-based programs in the proposed FY2020 budget.

In addition, there are several other proposed cuts to programs which are important to teacher professional development and student achievement in the social studies. These are summarized in the U.S. Department of Education Fiscal Year 2020 Budget Summary (see page 49). Major programs to be aware of include:

This week, 24 educators joined NCSS in Colonial Williamsburg to explore their professional leadership roles through the perspectives of our colonial leaders.

Chanda Robinson is a social studies educator with over 20 years of experience who has sought to empower teachers and students through historical, geographic, civic and economical thinking. She is currently developing social studies curriculum documents that focus on the Inquiry Design Model and Understanding by Design. Why does Chanda think social studies is so important?

NCSS President India Meissel recounts her path to the NCSS presidency and her vision for the future of NCSS and social studies. "The future is in our hands and it is a bright one at that."

A Joint Statement by NCSS President Terry L. Cherry and NCSS Executive Director Lawrence M. Paska


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