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TalkNCSS: DC Social Studies Teachers Leading Teachers

One of the biggest issues educators point to with the way states and the federal governments make policy decisions is the lack of teacher input in crafting those decisions. Furthermore, most teachers believe that there is a clear disconnect between the “powers that be” and their classrooms. For a group of D.C. public school teachers, leading their colleagues has become a priority not because they want to clarify policy, but because they know it will lead to better instruction and to a better education for their students. In doing so, they're proving that teacher leaders don't wait for a set of directives to act, but instead act because they know their work is right course of action.

Panel: Teacher Leaders Taking Informed Action for C3

Explore social studies in action as members of a panel of C3LC Teacher Leaders share experiences over the last two years working with colleagues to make C3 and core literacy the primary emphases of instruction, professional development, curriculum and standards within their classrooms, schools, districts and states.

Unlocking Curiosity in the Social Studies Classroom

Explore building literacy strategies in the social studies classroom through the lens of a DCPS educator. Learn how digital resources can open the door to inquiry-based learning, effective questioning, and student engagement.

What is NSSSA?

Calling all teachers, department chairs, and supervisors! Join your colleagues to preserve the future of social studies. The National Social Studies Supervisors Association offers special conference rates and door prizes!


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