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Special Programming for Texas Educators

NCSS is offering local educators in Texas an extra day of Conference programming on Thursday, November 21. Sessions are specifically designed to address the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) and to include content of particular interest to Texas social studies and geography educators. Texas educators can enjoy up to four days of national conference sessions on history, geography, civics, economics, and the social sciences, and network with colleagues from throughout Texas and across the country. Plan now to attend this extra day, included in your full conference registration.

Special Keynote Speaker

Karen Korematsu

Karen Korematsu is the Founder and Executive Director of the Fred T. Korematsu Institute and the daughter of the late civil rights icon, Fred Korematsu. Since her father's passing in 2005, Ms. Korematsu has carried on his legacy as a public speaker, educator, and civil rights activist. She shares her father's passion for social justice and education and in 2009 established the Fred T. Korematsu Institute to advance racial equity, social justice, and human rights for all. The Institute's work has expanded from K-12 civic education to promoting public civic engagement and participation. Her works extend to advocating civil liberties for all communities and address current issues that draw upon lessons of the past.

Featured Sessions

Without Geography, You're Nowhere: Exploring History with Google Tour Builder

Discover how Google Tour Builder can revitalize historical events by engaging in a lesson designed to increase critical thinking and offer opportunities for collaboration using technology.

Stephen F. Austin: Cartographer

Delve into the oft-forgotten geographic legacy left by Stephen F. Austin. While he's known best for his political and colonization efforts, we'll explore the significant role Austin played as a cartographer.

Primary Sources for Primary Students: A History of Segregation in Austin

Explore Austin's history through primary sources and get tips for discussing race, segregation, activism, and agency in the elementary classroom. Inspire your students to be critical consumers of information. 

Building History Fluency: A System to Review All Year Long

Learn how to build History Fluency and review all year by implementing this developed routine into everyday lessons including Mapping Monday, Timeline Tuesday, Writing Wednesday, Thinking Thursday, and Fact Friday.

Mission Possible: Teaching a Shared Writing Process in Social Studies

Engage in shared writing protocol that takes the angst out of writing in social studies. Experience a process that fosters student conversations and writing using historical evidence. 

Pivot! How ELA and Social Studies Become Friends

Learn strategies for integrating writing and vocabulary in social studies with ways to get students excited about learning and demonstrating citizenship skills, merging a friendship between ELA and social studies.

Gamifying Your Instruction: Fortnite Edition

Increase student engagement and achievement through gamifying your lessons. Based on the popular game, Fortnite, learn how to get students to learn challenging content of the Early Republic.

Transforming the History Classroom on a Dime

Transform your classroom with inexpensive items to capture the attention of the students and engage them. Students will immerse themselves in learning as you set the scene for each unit.

What Makes Us A Citizen?

Discover how to get students to look at some different ways in which the role of the citizen plays out in different parts of the world.

Digital Citizenship: Teaching About Social Media as Current Event

Participate in an inquiry lesson that investigates the world of social media and society through interdisciplinary lenses.

Using Augmented Reality to Integrate Geography and Science

The role of technology in education is continually evolving. Explore the use of Augmented Reality to enhance student learning in an integrated geography and science lesson.

Achieving Success Through Interactive Notebooks

Explore ways to increase student processing and collaboration through interactive notebooks. Learn strategies that take journals beyond note-taking to be a true learning tool.

Geocaching to Demonstrate Taking Informed Action

From touch-tone telephones to computer memory, explore inventors of modern technology, and workshop to put the content into a C3 Inquiry Design format.

Immigration to the US: Mapping the Making of Our Nation

Explore immigration by various cultural groups through the Port of Galveston. Investigate experiences of early immigrants through technology and a large Texas floor map.

The Write Stuff: Low Prep and High Impact!

Discover low prep and high impact writing strategies that invigorate your students' historical thinking skills. Experience six scaffolded activities that advance student thinking through writing. Come write with us!

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