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Social Sciences

Deliberation and Controversies in the Classroom

Powerful social studies classrooms are rich with discussion and deliberation of controversial issues, but it takes practice to build a classroom where students feel safe, drive the discussion, and ensure equity of voice. Explore methods, consider relevant issues, and share best practices.

Taking Informed Action--Resources for Teachers

Informed action provides students an opportunity to apply classroom learning to real world problems. Learn how K-12 teachers employ this proven practice of civic education as an assessment that enhances learning and builds important social science and SEL competencies.

CUFA-FASSE Grant Presentation

Anti-Racist Teacher Efficacy: Toward Justice-Oriented Teaching in Missouri

This project explores the influence of white fragility on the pedagogical choices that teachers make. Findings from a statewide survey of teachers in Missouri will be discussed.

The STEAM and Social Studies of Current Events

Discover concepts in social studies and STEAM through current events. Master informational texts, news articles, podcasts, and graphic organizers to meet Illinois Social Science standards, Common Core, and the C3 Framework.

How Administrators Can Support Social Studies Teachers

Inquiry as engagement can be daunting for educators in these politically polarized times. Learn how administrators can endeavor to support teachers in the proven practices of civic education to achieve student success and more equitable outcomes.

Elementary Inquiry to Engagement

Dive into the inquiry arc by developing questions and planning inquiries, and exploring techniques for evaluating and using sources and ways to take informed action in K-5 settings.


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