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Chaparral High School Chapter Helps Schools Affected by Hurricane Harvey

The Chaparral High School Rho Kappa chapter, located in Temecula, California, worked to help one of the Texas high schools that was devastated by Hurricane Harvey by raising school supplies, from backpacks to notebooks and even teacher resources. Rho Kappa members organized what came to be known as “Rally for Rockport”, attracting beyond the 3,000 students from Chaparral and extending the awareness to the City of Temecula and its sister communities. The donation process spanned over two months, from September to October of 2017. Collection boxes were distributed throughout many classrooms on campus and many other teachers were encouraged to raise awareness, as well.

Undertaking the project stemmed from AP US History teacher and Rho Kappa Adviser, Susan Myers’ close relationship with AP US History teachers across the country. She belongs to a Facebook group of educators where they discuss methods of teaching and hold topical conversations. Learning through a colleague that the community was devastated by Hurricane Harvey affected not only Mrs. Myers, but also other Chaparral High School educators and students, leading to the creation of “Rally for Rockport.”

At least 15 boxes of supplies will be shipped to Rockport Fulton High School in the coming weeks to help both students and staff continue to recover from the devastation. Members of Chaparral Rho Kappa are honored to have been able to help this school and its community recover from the devastation.