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Resources for Rho Kappa Advisors

Selecting and Inducting Members

Chapter Faculty Selection Committee

Each chapter will have a Faculty Selection Committee that is responsible for selecting new members, and removing members if/when warranted. The Faculty Selection Committee shall consist of the chapter faculty sponsor and other faculty members within the school. The selection committee will assemble at the school the chapter resides.

Enrolling New Members

Membership in RHO KAPPA is an honor bestowed upon students by a local chapter for their accomplishments in the field of social studies and overall academic achievement. Each local chapter assembles a faculty selection committee in the school where the chapter resides to select the memberships. The committee includes the chapter faculty sponsor and other faculty from the chapter school.

Member Selection

Each candidate for membership shall be selected to a designated chapter of Rho Kappa based on the following criteria:

  • Have been in attendance at the school in which the chapter resides for the equivalent of one semester prior to being considered (If a special or unique circumstances merit, the high school administration may waive the semester requirement, providing a letter of explanation to the National Advisory Council).
  • Have completed four semesters of courses in the field of social studies and be prepared to complete at least six semesters. The minimum grade point average for these courses is an unweighted 3.00 or the numerical equivalent.
  • Have an overall cumulative GPA of at least 3.00 or the numerical equivalent (Individual chapters may choose to increase the GPA requirements for their chapter but may not decrease them).

Candidates achieving the minimal GPA requirements may be invited to apply for membership into Rho Kappa. The application process will require candidates to show participation in activities that demonstrate civic engagement in school or community and their desire and aspiration to be a member of the organization. Applicants must have a letter of recommendation from a current faculty member.

The faculty sponsor, faculty selection committee, and the high school administration shall determine selection of eligible students and their election to the organization. Candidates must meet the GPA, social studies course completion requirements and the application requirements listed above. All other methods of selecting candidates are left up to the individual chapters. The National RHO KAPPA Advisory Council will not review the judgment of the faculty selection committee regarding the selection of individual members to the local chapters.

Induction of New Members

Each local chapter may design and execute an appropriate ceremony for the induction of its new members. The local chapter, the chapter sponsor, and the high school administration shall determine the procedures and proceedings for this ceremony. Newly inducted members shall receive their membership certificates and any other appropriate Rho Kappa materials when their membership has been affirmed. In an event that a particular individual qualifies for membership after the date of the induction ceremony, he or she may be induced at a regular chapter meeting provided the membership forms and fees have already been submitted to NCSS.

Induction Fees and form

Each chapter pays an induction fee of $5.00 for each new member to the National office. Please use the following form to submit an induction list and order certificates:

Click for Inductee Certificates and Fees

Note: Due to the high volume of orders at such times, please allow 7-10 business days for processing of certificate orders during the months of April - June.

Chapters are forbidden to initiate, haze, blackball, or do anything similar, as any part of the RHO KAPPA process. Any chapter found engaged in any of these shall lose its charter. "Induction" is to be used in any reference to the induction of new members.

Sample Induction Ceremony

For more information, please see the Rho Kappa Constitution

For more information for chapter administrators, please see the Rho Kappa Advisors Handbook

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Connecting with Other Chapter Sponsors

RHO KAPPA has grown to include over 400 chapters all over the country and the world. We have tried to make it easier for advisors to communicate with and learn from each other. The Rho Kappa Advisors Google Group has weekly discussions on regular chapter happenings, ideas for activities and other Rho Kappa-related topics. If you choose to connect to the group,

  1. Click here to view the group
  2. Click “Apply for Membership”
  3. Type in the name of your school (there could be as many representatives as you would like, the more the merrier!)
  4. Get Connected!
  5. Or send an email to for an invitation.

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