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Teaching the Middle East: Resource Guide

Teaching the Middle East: A Resource Guide for American Educators is now available at on Comprehensive background essays give essential context and information on key issues that teachers and students should be familiar with to better understand the Middle East. This teaching guide is free.
Each of the 10 chapters contains innovative and cross-disciplinary teaching tools that encourage critical thinking and use a multitude of activities, media and sources to grab the attention of just about any type of learner. Delve into chapters such as "The Roots of Modern Islamism" and "The United States and the Middle East".  Accompanying suggestions for further learning along with social studies standards round out this dynamic and adaptable new guide on the contemporary Middle East. 
A note for the user: The material is posted on the as a PDF and opens automatically after you click on a particular chapter in the menu tabs on the left side of the page. When you hold your mouse (the cursor) over the chapter content, an option appears that allows you to expand the chapter to fill the screen, and there are a few different actions you could take such as printing, saving, or downloading. It's not necessary to download in order to view the content.
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