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Mindful Consumerism (Facing the Future)

The holidays are a good time to think about consumption, specifically, the impact that our own consumption has on the environment and our fellow humans. "Consumerism is related to consumption but it describes a particular worldview related to our consumption patterns. Everyone must consume resources like food and water in order to survive. Such resources are critical to human survival. However, we also consume resources for personal enjoyment, such as for entertainment and leisure, or maybe to treat yourself, or a friend with a gift. When people purchase goods and services, we refer to them as consumers.

"The majority of us are consumers. Whether we are the end-users of the product or not, each and every purchase that we make has an impact on the environment. Being aware of this and acknowledging our consumption patterns is important for sustainability because everything we consume requires materials and energy from nature."

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Facing the Future also has resources for sale, such as "Big World, Small Planet - Module 4, Wants Versus Needs: Pushing the Boundaries," which helps students:
Examine how consumption patterns are important to sustainability
Understand how consumption affects economic and social systems
Learn about climate change and its impact on today as well as our future
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