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Teaching Resources

NCSS publishes short listings of free resources that might be of interest to our members. Decisions on publication of these free announcements is at NCSS sole discretion. Inclusion here does not imply an endorsement or recommendation by NCSS.

NCSS Journals for Spring!

The March/April issues of Social Education and Social Studies and the Young Learner will soon arrive in mailboxes, and the articles are posted online now. A few articles are "open access," free PDFs at

Rock the Vote's Democracy Class is a one-period, civics education lesson plan that teaches high school students about the importance of voting, the history behind it, and registers them to vote. The program uses popular culture, video, a mock election, and classroom discussion to excite students about participating in our democracy and enable them to recognize the power that comes with voting.

Educators can download the materials needed to teach Democracy Class for free from

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International Affairs Resources Library (Dr. Wayne Selcher)

A free, virtual library of International Affairs Resources has over 2,000 carefully selected, annotated links in 34 international affairs categories. It is frequently maintained, receives worldwide use daily, and is designed for teachers, professors, scholars, students, researchers, diplomats, and the interested public, among others.

The Concept of Fair Trade (Fair Trade Campaigns)

Fair Trade Campaigns has developed a series of lesson plans to help educators bring the concept of Fair Trade into their middle and high school classrooms. There are four distinct lessons, covering four subject areas in relation to Fair Trade:

- Changing the Rules of the Global Economy: An Introduction to Fair Trade
- Gender Equity and Fair Trade
- Child Labor and Fair Trade
- Environmental Sustainability and Fair Trade

Comment on the Preservation, or Not, of 27 National Monuments (U.S. DOI)

What do your students think about preserving (or not) the status of 27 National Monuments in the Western United States? Can they develop an informed opinion on the matter? Here is a teaching opportunity in direct democracy (gathering public opinion about important matters) and research (into the history, geography, economics, and civics of the current National Monuments). At the end of their research, if they wish, students can submit their thoughtful comments to the federal government.

An Online Risk Calculator (Confronting Poverty)

Confronting Poverty ( is a new website that offers a set of resources dealing with American poverty and inequality. Most notable is an interactive "poverty risk calculator" that estimates for the first time the likelihood that an individual will experience poverty at some point in their future.

9-11 "Anniversary in the Schools" (webinar for classrooms)

The 9/11 Memorial Museum invites teachers and students to participate in Anniversary in the Schools, a FREE webinar commemorating the 16th anniversary of 9/11. The webinar, broadcast from inside the 9/11 Memorial Museum, connects students and teachers from around the world with Museum staff and guest speakers to learn about the attacks and the importance of commemoration.
April 28, 2017 to April 29, 2017
2017 Annual MCSS Conference Theme" "I’s for the Prize - Inquiry, Integration and Ingenuity"
April 28, 2017 to April 29, 2017
2017 Annual MCSS Conference Theme: "I’s for the Prize - Inquiry, Integration and Ingenuity"