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Social Studies and the Young Learner January/February 2017

ON THE COVER: Climate change is a current event. Staff from the Office of the Superintendent and Ventura Fish and Wildlife Office with students at Bernice Curren School in Oxnard, California, celebrate their new Schoolyard Habitat. They replaced their water-guzzling grass front lawn with native, drought tolerant plants to save water, and also to create habitat for native pollinators like the Monarch butterfly, a species whose numbers have declined in recent years. Full image on Pullout P-4. Photo by Ashley Spratt/USFWS available at (this image has been lightened from the original)



Handouts for Studying Current Events
Nancy P. Gallavan, Shannon R. Maiden



Cultivating Civic Life through Studying Current Events
Kathryn M. Obenchain, Julie L. Pennington



Hunger in Our Midst: Civic Learning in the Context of Difficult Issues
Jennifer Hauver, Glennda Shealey-Griffiths



Now Let's Decide: Using Current Events to Practice Democracy
Terence A. Beck, Walter C. Parker