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Guidelines for Contributors to SSYL

Guidelines for Contributors to SSYL

The goal of Social Studies and the Young Learner is to a) capture and enthuse elementary teachers across the country; and b) provide relevant and useful information about the teaching of social studies to elementary students. The editor especially encourages submission of manuscripts authored by K-5 classroom teachers themselves, or co-authored by professors and classroom teachers. Currently there are no established issue themes; instead, every issue is open for possible social studies topics.

Submitting Your Manuscript

Submit your work online at After registering, you’ll receive an email with a temporary user ID and password. Follow the steps for uploading a manuscript, title page, figures, tables, or graphics.


Follow guidelines at the website. The authors' names should not appear within the paper for purposes of blind peer review. (It is okay if a citation to your own previous book or paper appears in the notes.)

With regard to citation notes, follow either The Chicago Manual of Style or the APA Style Manual. We will format and then publish articles using The Chicago Manual of Style, 14th ed. (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1993). See examples of notes in the journal.

Margins & Spacing: 0.75 inch margins all around; 1.5 space between lines.
Font: 12-point, Times New Roman
Length: 3,000 words maximum, not including notes, references, or tables.

Images and Examples

Evidence of learning from an elementary classroom is encouraged, but not required. If possible, include examples of student work and learning—writing, photos of projects, art, or other media. Submit tables, graphics, photos, etc. at the website. Please set your digital camera at high resolution if you take action photos of "students doing social studies." Authors must obtain parental permission allowing publication of photos of students, as well as permission for the reprinting (in SSYL) of copyrighted materials used in a lesson (e.g., a historical painting in a museum, or a recent photo published in the news).

Peer Review

SSYL is peer reviewed. If a manuscript is considered for publication, the author must be willing to work with the editor on revisions. SSYL is published by the National Council for the Social Studies.


Authors of published manuscripts receive up to 50 complimentary copies of the journal in which the article appears, courtesy of NCSS. Authors are not paid for contributions.

If you have questions as you are planning your paper, please feel free to contact Editor Scott Waring (University of Central Florida), at

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