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Social Education September 2014

Sources and Strategies
Encouraging Student Interest in the Economic Context of the Constitution with Continental Currency Lee Ann Potter
A close look at the featured currency issued by the Continental Congress can launch a lesson on the economic problems that preceded the drafting of the Constitution. Secondary Level    
Looking at the Law
What Constitution Day Means and Why it Matters Kathleen Hall Jamieson
Constitution Day offers an opportune time for students to explore the evolution of the founding document and examine its provisions for citizens’ rights and rules of government. Secondary Level     US History

Implementing the C3 Framework: Monitoring the Instructional Shifts Michelle M. Herczog
The strategies outlined by the author for implementing the C3 Framework will help teachers strengthen the study of civics, economics, geography, and history. Secondary Level    

Re-Establishing Social Studies as a Core Subject An Interview with Susan Griffin
The C3 Framework recognizes that inquiry is at the heart of social studies and that social studies classrooms should develop the ability to apply content knowledge to real-life issues. Secondary Level    

The C3 Framework: One Year Later An Interview with Kathy Swan
In the first year since its release, many states have integrated the C3 Framework into their standards while others are in the process of incorporating the key tenets — inquiry, disciplinary literacy, student agency, and civic engagement — into state policy documents. Secondary Level    

Turning Students into Voters: What Teachers Can Do Peter Levine
Teaching about the voting process and discussing current congressional campaign issues can boost student turnout for decades to come. Secondary Level     Civics/Government
Research and Practice
Building the Civic Potential of Immigrant Youth Kathryn M. Obenchain, Rebecca M. Callahan
Social studies teachers can play a critical role in fostering the civic development of immigrant youth. Secondary Level     Civics/Government

Equal Protection, Immigration, and Education: Plyler v. Doe Joseph R. Feinberg, Frans H. Doppen, Matthew S. Hollstein
This lesson on the Equal Protection clause of the Fourteenth Amendment will give students a deeper understanding of the issues framing the current immigration debate. Secondary Level    
Point of View
Teaching about Personal Finance: The National Standards for Financial Literacy Andrew T. Hill, Mary C. Suiter
The financial literacy standards can help educators establish an academic base for the discipline of personal finance. Secondary Level     Economics
Surfing the Net
Teaching about World War I: “The War to End all Innocence” C. Frederick Risinger
The highlighted websites offer important resources for teaching students about World War I during this hundredth anniversary year. Secondary Level    

Maleficent Reborn: Disney’s Fairytale View of Gender Reaches Puberty Benjamin Justice
Recent Disney movies spotlighting intelligent female characters who work hard and do not define themselves in terms of men illustrate a major change from the formulaic fairy tales portraying female inferiority and dependency. Secondary Level     Social Sciences

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