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Social Education September 2010

Teaching with Documents
Introducing, a New Online Tool for Teaching 
Lee Ann Potter and Stephanie Greenhut
High School US History

The New World of Campaign Finance 

The upcoming midterm elections offer a prime opportunity to study the effects of money and politics following the recent Supreme Court campaign finance decision. Civics-Government, Law-Related

Advocating for Abolition: Staging an Abolitionist Society Convention 
Andy Robinson and Joan Brodsky Schur
This simulation illustrates for students that the most complex debates in American history are not necessarily between those for and against social change, but among those who agree on the goal, but disagree on the means. High School

A Different Way of Viewing History Teaching: Balancing Competing Intellectual Challenges 
Dave Neumann
Focusing on three intellectual challenges at the core of historical understanding—time; scale; and pattern—will help teachers promote a more meaningful understanding of history for students. High School
Surfing the Net
What I Learned (And Didn't) At NCSS 2009 
C. Frederick Risinger
These noteworthy Web 2.0 resources and software demonstrated at the NCSS annual meeting will help teachers design stimulating projects, courses, and curricula. High School

Grab 'em While They're Young (Before They Become Disillusioned and Cynical)! 
Sally Broughton
Three new lessons plans—for the elementary, middle, and high school levels—will help actively engage students in the upcoming election process. High School

Education or Indoctrination? The Development of Social Studies Standards in Texas 
Sue Blanchette
At a public hearing before the final vote on the Texas standards, NCSS's president elect makes a plea for social studies standards that allow students to examine a range of viewpoints and come to independent conclusions. High School

Excerpts from the Revised Social Studies Standards 
NCSS Standards Task Force
NCSS is about to publish National Curriculum Standards for Social Studies: A Framework for Teaching, Learning, and Assessment. These revised national standards continue to be based on the ten themes of social studies, but offer a stronger focus than the original standards on Purposes, Questions for Exploration, Knowledge, Processes, and Products. High School

The Revised NCSS Standards: Ideas for the Classroom Teacher 
Syd Golston
The revised social studies standards offer invaluable strategies for teachers to plan powerful units and create engaging lessons. High School

Using the NCSS National Curriculum Standards for Social Studies: A Framework for Teaching, Learning, and Assessment to Meet State Social Studies Standards 
Michelle M. Herczog
The revised national standards are a great framework for meeting state standards while making learning relevant and meaningful for students. High School
Elementary Education
Using Social Studies Themes to Investigate Modern Egypt 
Janie Hubbard
The topics described here will help refocus the study of Egypt to expand students' perceptions of Egyptian history and introduce contemporary society. PreK-Elementary

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