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Social Education October 2010

A Bus Ride Across the Mason-Dixon Line in the Era of Jim Crow
Students gain a deeper understanding of the segregation period through this classroom simulation, in which randomly-assigned cards determine whether volunteers sit or stand during a long, interstate bus trip. Secondary Level     US History

Memorandum about the First Nixon-Kennedy Debate David L. Rosenbaum
A memo from John Kennedy's press secretary to Richard Nixon's press secretary prior to the first televised presidential debate in history serves as a jumping off point for studying the major issues of the 1960 election. Secondary Level     US History
Looking at the Law
Supreme Court Review Charles F. Williams and Catherine Hawke
Recent Supreme Court decisions generated surprising controversy, from gun control to First Amendment issues. In 2011, the Court will weigh in on cases dealing with the hiring of illegal immigrants, protests at soldiers' funerals, and selling violent video games. Secondary Level     Law-Related
Surfing the Net
Teaching about the 2010 Mid-Term Election Using the Internet
Mid-term elections can be as significant as presidential elections. The recommended websites can help guide students in understanding the key issues and flash points. Secondary Level     Civics/Government

The ReDistricting Game: Teaching Congressional Gerrymandering through an Online Simulation Game
An innovative online simulation game that spotlights the problem of gerrymandering can help students understand the congressional redistricting process. Secondary Level     Civics/Government

Special Section: Exploring Humanitarian Law

Turning Bad News into a Teaching Moment Mat Morgan
Teaching about global events such as Haiti's earthquake can help prepare young people for playing an active role in the face of such daunting disasters. Secondary Level    

The Bystander's Dilemma: How Can We Turn our Students into Upstanders? Lauren Woglom and Kim Pennington
By studying moments in history where bystanders made a difference, teachers can motivate students to think critically in the face of social dilemmas. Secondary Level    

Even Wars Have Laws: Upholding an American Tradition TJ Adhihetty
The earliest American leaders upheld basic protections for civilians, prisoners of war, and sick and injured combatants. Such principles can serve as a guide today as we address difficult questions like the treatment of detainees and the issue of torture. Secondary Level    

Memories of an Aid Worker
An attorney and Red Cross worker explores the impact that humanitarian work can have as she recalls her own personal experiences in the Ivory Coast after the country's first coup d'état. Secondary Level     World History

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