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Social Education October 2009

Social Education October 2009
Teaching with Documents
Letter to the Senate Banking Committee about Wall Street Reform Legislation during the New Deal 
Christine Blackerby
The featured document on federal aid for school lunches and the accompanying essay on the School Lunch Act provide students with a unique chance to study the role of government. High School US History
Looking at the Law
Supreme Court Review 
Charles F. Williams
The Supreme Court term opens with its first Hispanic justice and a list of highlights that includes two high-profile First Amendment cases and an important property rights case. High School Law-Related

Social Studies for English Language Learners:Teaching Social Studies that Matters 
Barbara C. Cruz and Stephen J. Thornton

As the number of English language learners continues to rise, four key principles will help teachers ensure a valuable social studies education.

High School

The Guide on the Stage: In Defense of Good Lecturing in the History Classroom 
Jason Stacy
Interactive lectures require a strong familiarity with the content being taught and compel students to actively engage the material. High School
Surfing the Net
Teaching about U.S. Climate Policy and the 2009 Copenhagen Conference 
C. Frederick Risinger
This list of recommended sites offers resources and lesson plans for teaching about the climate change conference in Denmark and the cap and trade system. High School

Life in the Aftermath of the 1994 Rwandan Genocide 
Samuel Totten
The author details his findings after six months of research on the lives of genocide survivors in Rwanda. High School

The Other September 11: Teaching about the 1973 Overthrow of Chilean President Salvador Allende 

With the help of primary sources, teachers can give students the opportunity to reflect on the complexity and contradictions of U.S foreign policy by introducing them to Chile's September 11. High School
Point of View
In Pursuit of the Faerie Folk: Identity, Self-determination, and Multiculturalism in Louisiana 
Paul Nagel and Dayna Bowker Lee
Creole culture is part of the fabric of America and an excellent topic for classrooms studying cultural diversity. High School
Point of View
The Coverage of the Holocaust in High School History Textbooks 
David Lindquist
Though coverage of the Holocaust has become standard in history textbooks, it is often superficial and fails to provide the groundwork for meaningful student inquiry into that devastating genocidal event. High School

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