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Social Education October 2008

Election 2008


The Updated Verdict of the Keys
Allan J. Lichtman

Read this article to see what a historically accurate prediction system forecasts as the outcome of the popular vote this presidential election. Secondary/High School     Civics/Government

Surfing the Net

Using the Internet to Teach about Political Cartoons and Their Influence on U.S. Elections
C. Frederick Risinger, Ray Heitzmann

The visual imagery of political cartoons offers teachers the opportunity to explore the presidential election with students from a unique and stimulating angle. Secondary/High School     Civics/Government


The Electoral College
Social Education, PBS NewsHour Staff

Lesson Plan by Lara Maupin and PBS NewsHour Staff Secondary/High School     Civics/Government


Turning Students On and Out to Vote Helpful Websites as Election Day Draws Near
Social Education Staff

These election-related websites offer material that is specialized, timely, and appealing to students. Secondary/High School     Civics/Government

Point of View

Not by Votes Alone'The Vital Imperative of Restoring the Civic Mission of Schools
Ted McConnell

Active citizenship requires more than spending a few minutes in a voting booth each November. Secondary/High School    

Looking at the Law

Supreme Court Review
Chuck Williams

Teaching Activities by Tiffany Willey Secondary/High School     Law-Related

Teaching with Documents

The Digital Vaults
Suzanne Isaacs, Lee Ann Potter

A recently launched National Archives online exhibit is a creative teaching tool that features 1,200 specially chosen documents, artifacts, sound recordings, and much more. Secondary/High School     US History


Fighting for the Past: Lessons from the David Irving Trial
A. Scott Henderson

Educating students about Holocaust denial enables teachers to reinforce principles of historical inquiry while pointing out the ways in which deniers violate scholarly tenets. Secondary/High School     World History


Challenging History: Essential Questions in the Social Studies Classroom
Heather Lattimer

By providing a critical frame through which to study history, essential questions engage students and facilitate deeper thinking about the content under investigation. Secondary/High School     US History, World History

Special Section on Canada


Teaching about Aboriginal Canada through Picture Books
Marilynne Black

This set of books offers insight into Canadian aboriginal cultures and the contributions of these groups to the fabric of the nation. Secondary/High School     World History, Global Studies


A Comparative View of Diversity in the United States and Canada
Cherry A. McGee Banks

Students will gain a more profound understanding of multicultural issues by examining the ways in which Canada and the United States have diverged when addressing race and culture. Secondary/High School     Global Studies


Teaching Social Studies through Storytelling: The Enduring Spirit of the Arctic
John Kilbourne

Stories such as the featured account of an ill-fated Inuit walrus-hunting trip serve as an important part of that culture's tradition of passing down lessons and experiences from one generation to the next. Secondary/High School     Global Studies