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Social Education October 2006


Identifying and Teaching against Misconceptions: Six Common Mistakes about the Supreme Court

Diana E. Hess
Most Americans misunderstand the function of the Supreme Court. Correcting students’ misconceptions promotes engaged citizenship and will foster a better understanding of the institution’s influence on U.S. society.    


Supreme Court Preview

Charles F. Williams
Recent Supreme Court decisions showed that the new Court is split on hot-button issues. Topics this Court will tackle in 2006 include race and schools, the partial birth abortion ban, and punitive damages.    


Letter in Support of the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966

Lee Ann Potter
Progress and development has sometimes led to the destruction of landmarks. The featured document highlights the struggle to preserve historic sites and leads students to consider the value of their own community’s landmarks.    


Academic Freedom: A Teacher's Struggle to Include Other Voices in History

Prentice T. Chandler
Some parents were mightily displeased when this teacher included documents from Howard Zinn’s compilation in an advanced history class. The author provides tips for educators assailed for breaking out of the mold.    


Picturing Women: Gender, Images, and Representation in Social Studies

Christine Woyshner
Photographs and drawings of nineteenth-century dress reformers provide an excellent jumping off point for studying images of women in history.    


Examining a Seven-Flag Chieu Hoi Pass:A Primary Document from the American War in Viet Nam

Ted Engelmann
A close analysis of the Chieu Hoi pass, dropped over areas of Viet Nam to encourage enemy surrender, provides a unique approach to studying the Viet Nam war.    


Becoming Critical Public Historians:Students Study Diversity and Access in Post— Brown v. Board Los Angeles

Ernest Morrell and John Rogers
After studying about Brown v. Board of Education in textbooks, high school students in L.A. examine the decision’s impact on their local community.    


Teaching about the 2006 Elections with the Internet

C. Frederick Risinger
These websites provide an array of resources, lesson plans, and information for teaching about the midterm elections.    


Mid-term Elections: The Impact of Local and National Issues

Lisa Prososki/PBS NewsHour Extra
This lesson plan helps students understand the significance of midterm elections, learn about election issues in depth, and create projects that teach their fellow classmates about selected issues.    


Congressional Elections: A Political Turning Point?

Social Education Staff
Will this year’s congressional elections force a change in control of the House or Senate? This informational feature reviews influential midterm elections in the past and identifies 24 key House races and 8 competitive Senate races for classes to monitor.