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Social Education November/December 2014

Sources and Strategies
Exploring the Legacy of Magna Carta with Students through Historic Images 
Stephen Wesson
The two featured portraits of Revolutionary-era writer John Dickinson next to a book titled “Magna Charta,” can launch an enlightening lesson on the thirteenth-century charter´s influence on America´s founding documents. High School World History
Lessons on the Law
Magna Carta at 800: Ten Key Questions Answered 
Howard Kaplan
As the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta approaches, Lessons on the Law provides an overview of the “Great Charter” and identifies teaching materials to engage students. High School World History

Analyzing the Messages of the State of the Union Address  
Mark T. Kissling, Christopher C. Martell
The president´s annual speech to Congress on the condition of the nation offers students an opportunity to examine key domestic issues as well as the president´s proposals. High School Civics-Government
Teaching with Documents
Education Equality: What Happens to a Dream Deferred? 
Annie Davis, Kimberlee Ried
The highlighted documents from Boston´s desegregation case can serve as a jumping off point into an engaging classroom study of education equality and civil rights. High School US History

A New View of Civil War Photography 
James A. Percoco
Cutting edge digital techniques that add richer perspective to nineteenth-century Civil War photographs will challenge students´ preconceived ideas about the war and enrich classroom instruction. High School US History

The C3 Framework: A Powerful Tool for Preparing Future Generations for Informed and Engaged Civic Life 
Marshall Croddy, Peter Levine
The C3 Framework not only provides crucial guidance for creating or bolstering social studies standards—it is extremely effective for curriculum planning and professional development. High School

Civic Learning Success Stories: State Initiatives to Restore the Civic Mission of Schools 
Shawn Healy, L. Douglas Dobson, Janis Kyser, Michelle M. Herczog, Debbie Genzer
The stories of these four state programs on civic learning will provide educators around the country with valuable information on how to advocate for restoring the civic mission of schools. High School Civics-Government
Democracy Education
Should Teachers Help Students Develop Partisan Identities? 
Diana E. Hess, Paula McAvoy
The authors examine whether schools should be helping students determine political affiliation, and spotlight the case of one high school where a legislative simulation requires students to do exactly that. High School Civics-Government

Free Press in a Constitutional Democracy 
Christine Lucianek
Students will acquire a deeper understanding of freedom of the press when they consider the context for its inclusion in the First Amendment and examine its implications in the Internet age. High School Civics-Government

NAFTA: The World´s Largest Trading Zone Turns 20 
Tawni Hunt Ferrarini, Stephen Day
This article looks at the results of NAFTA, 20 years after it created a controversial common market between the United States, Canada, and Mexico, and examines the ongoing free trade debate. High School
Surfing the Net
Teaching about Freedom Using the Internet 
C. Frederick Risinger
The websites highlighted in this column offer resources and lesson plans for exploring the concept of freedom in the classroom. High School

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