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Social Education November/December 2009

Nov/Dec 2009 Social Education Cover

Teaching with Documents

Bridge to the Future: Franklin Roosevelt's Speech at the Dedication of the Triborough Bridge
David L. Rosenbaum

The featured document from FDR's speech inaugurating the Triborough Bridge provides an entry point for the study of New Deal programs and discussion of the government's role in planning, funding, and creating infrastructure. Secondary/High School     US History

Research and Practice

Should Social Studies Be Patriotic?
Joel Westheimer

The author explores two different approaches to teaching patriotism: One that advocates loyalty to a centralized leader or group; and another that promotes commitment to the principles that underlie democracy. Secondary/High School    

Looking at the Law

Mexico: Democracy and the Future
Kathleen Bruhn

Even as Mexico undergoes a transition from historic one-party rule, important challenges to democracy remain. Secondary/High School     Law-Related


Using YouTube to Teach Presidential Election Propaganda: Twelve Representative Videos
Wayne Journell

Teachers can use this selection of campaign ads to help students analyze various aspects of political propaganda. Secondary/High School    

Surfing the Net

Citizenship Education: The Goal Of Education
C. Frederick Risinger

The highlighted websites offer lesson plans and classroom activities to advance the skills needed in a participatory democracy. Secondary/High School    


The Meaning of Memory: Establishing the Martin Luther King, Jr., Holiday
Mira Cohen

Some memorable days in our nation's history are declared holidays, while others are considered days of remembrance. This article explores the process of establishing a holiday to commemorate Martin Luther King, Jr. Secondary/High School    


Learning from a Bike Trip
Mike Koren

Each year, seventh and eighth-grade students in a Milwaukee-area school culminate a unit on map reading by planning and carrying out a 25-mile bike ride that develops skills in social studies, science, math, and reading. Secondary/High School    


Rapping the 27 Amendments to the Constitution
Adam Knaresborough

Students bring the Constitution to life by summarizing the amendments in their own words and composing a rap song. Secondary/High School    

Democracy Education

Teaching about Same-Sex Marriage as a Policy and Constitutional Issue
Diana Hess

Engaging secondary students in policy and constitutional questions related to same-sex marriage promotes the skills and content that advance a democratic education. Secondary/High School    


Lesson Plan on Afghanistan
Bayard Faithfull

During this nine-day unit, high school students consider evidence from a variety of primary and secondary sources to determine the best policy for the United States and NATO on Afghanistan and Pakistan. Secondary/High School