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Social Education March 2009

Looking at the Law
How Do Tax Laws Reflect American Values?
Taxes have played a significant role throughout American historyprovoking revolution, inspiring representative government, and financing war and major domestic initiatives. Secondary Level     Economics
Surfing the Net
Teaching Students Financial Literacy Using the Internet C. Frederick Risinger
The highlighted websites can help teachers explain the financial crisis as well as help raise students overall financial literacy. Secondary Level     Economics

Trend Alert: A History Teachers Guide to Using Podcasts in the Classroom Kathleen Owings Swan, Mark Hofer
Podcasts may be useful in the classroom, but teachers need to consider the instructional purpose andcontext within which they areused. Secondary Level     US History, World History

Teaching Economics in a Time of Unprecedented Change

The Crash of 2008: Causes and Fed Response James D. Gwartney, Joseph Connors
The current economic crisis is primarily a story about unintended consequences and what happens when the incentive structure is damaged by unsound institutions and policies. Secondary Level     Economics

Keynesian, Monetarist and Supply-Side Policies: An Old Debate Gets New Life M. Scott Niederjohn, William C. Wood
Keynesian fiscal policyout of fashion with economists and policymakers for decadeshas enjoyed a revival under President Obama's new economic policy team, but competing approaches also have their advocates. Secondary Level     Economics

Are High School Economics Teachers the Same as Other Social Studies Teachers? The Results of a National Survey Mark C. Schug, David Dieterle, J.R. Clark
A survey of more than a thousand teachers reveals some interesting distinctions about economics teachers. Secondary Level     Economics

Teaching Ethics to High School Students: Virtue Meets Economics M. Scott Niederjohn, Kim Nygard, William C. Wood
In many of the nations top business schools it sometimes seems that a focus on profits has replaced ethics. Yet recent research shows that the teaching of ethics need not wait until higher education. Secondary Level     Economics

Is Free Trade Out of Date? Dwight R. Lee
We may never achieve perfectly free international trade, but the struggle to reduce existing trade restrictions is a noble one. Secondary Level     Economics

Advanced Placement Economics Improves Both Merit and Equity Sally Meek, John Morton
AP economics courses are a positive-sum game students gain important skills and learn to determine the most advantageous combination of costs and benefits. Secondary Level     Economics
Do Businesses Have a Social Responsibility? The National Council on Economic Education
In this activity, students debate whether a business best serves society by maximizing profits or by promoting social justice policies. Secondary Level     Economics

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