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Social Education March 2008

Letter from a Young Boy Following the PanayIncident Trevor K. Plante, Lee Ann Potter
The featured 1937 letter from a Japanese primary school student apologizing for the sinking of the USS Panay by Japanese aircraft provides an entry into the study of U.S.-Japanese relations before World War II. Secondary Level     US History, Global Connections

Why They Just Can't Print More: Money Supply and Prices Greg Schreur
This silent auction activity can clarify the relationship between money supply and inflation and explain to students why the government cannot simply print more money to solve the national debt. Secondary Level     Economics

Sliding U.S. Dollar Packs a Wallop to Wallets Worldwide PBS NewsHour Extra (Quinn Bowman, Annie Schleicher)
The federal deficit, the trade deficit, and most recently the housing and mortgage crunches have caused the value of the dollar to plummet. A closer look at this issue will help students understand its impact on ordinary citizens. Secondary Level     Economics

Cross-State Variation in Economics Content Standards in the Primary Grades Yana V. Rodgers, Shelby Hawthorne, Ronald C. Wheeler
There is a great difference in the economics concepts and principles outlined in state standards for the primary grades. The authors offer strategies for lagging states to strengthen their approach. PreK-Elementary     Economics
Looking at the Law
You Should Have the Body: Understanding Habeas Corpus James Landman
As the Supreme Court considers whether Guantanamo prisoners have the right to habeas corpus, this article and activity will clarify for students the writ's origins, its development, and current points of controversy. Secondary Level     Law-Related
Surfing the Net
What I Learned at the NCSS Annual Meeting2007 Edition C. Frederick Risinger
Following up on an earlier column, the author highlights Internet-oriented resources as well as companies, not-for-profits, and government agencies that exhibited at December's NCSS conference in San Diego. Secondary Level    

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