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Social Education March 2005





The Importance of Financial Education Today

Alan Greenspan
Educators can help prevent young people from making poor decisions that have enduring consequences by providing students with a foundation of financial literacy.



The Interdependence of Economic and Personal Finance Education

John S. Morton
To improve the weak presence of personal finance education in our schools, we must establish its home within the economics curriculum.



The Stock Market Crashes of 1929 and 1987: Linking History and Personal Finance Education

Jane S. Lopus
By tapping into students’ curiosity about the stock market, teachers can motivate them to learn many important personal finance concepts.



Teachers Can Be Millionaires, Too

Mark C. Schug and William C. Wood
Even people of modest means, such as teachers, can build wealth over time if they adhere to certain simple strategies.

Lesson Plans


Credit: Your Best Friend or Your Worst Enemy?

National Council on Economic Education
In this lesson, students learn how quickly credit card balances can grow and how long it can take to pay them off; they also learn some sensible ways to use credit.



What Are Mutual Funds?

National Council on Economic Education
Students learn how mutual funds work by forming a class investment club and observing the changes in their stock value over time.



Teaching about Saving and Investing in the Elementary and Middle School Grades

Mary Suiter and Bonnie T. Meszaros
Financial education in the early grades can establish the basis for wise saving and spending habits that will serve students throughout their lives.

Surfing the Net


Teaching Consumer Literacy with the Internet

C. Frederick Risinger
Though our educational system does little to prepare students to be intelligent consumers, the internet provides innovative educators with a wealth of information and resources.



Teaching Social Studies on a Shoestring Budget

S. Kay Gandy
Increased testing is forcing schools to prioritize reading and math, and very little funding is available for social studies. This creative teacher offers a variety of suggestions for teaching in the economically challenged classroom.



Enemy Combatants and the Courts

Michelle Parini and Charles F. Williams
The War on Terror is unlikely to have a formal end, which presents unique challenges concerning the detention of suspected terrorists. Here, the authors look at three key cases involving enemy combatants.

Book Review