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Social Education March/April 2020

Social Education cover March/April 2020 issue
This issue of Social Education offers features on historic milestones and major contemporary issues. Our authors provide lively insights and a host of useful teaching suggestions and engaging online resources.


The American Contradiction: Conceived in Liberty, Born in Shackles
Kenneth C. Davis

The role that racial slavery played in the founding and development of our republic should be woven into the bedrock of how we teach American history and civics. Secondary/High School     US History, Civics/Government

Lessons on the Law

Remembering the Boston Massacre Trials at 250: John Adams and the Common-Law Tradition
Kate Elizabeth Brown

By examining the evolving rights and procedures of the Boston Massacre trials students will understand the importance of “judicial precedent” in early American legal and political experience. Secondary/High School     US History, Law-Related, Civics/Government

Sources and Strategies

Discovering Economic Concepts and Criticism in Progressive Era Cartoons
Jen Reidel

The featured political cartoons can be used as jumping off points into a lesson on the progressive era and relevant economic terms such as trusts, monopolies, and titans of industry. Secondary/High School     US History, Economics


Fixing the Curriculum Lag in Economics: The New Tools the Fed Is Using to Influence the Economy
Jane Ihrig, Scott Wolla

This primer on the Fed’s current monetary policy framework can bring educators and students up-to-date on how the Fed uses monetary policy to steer the economy toward maximum employment and price stability. Secondary/High School     Economics

Teaching the C3 Framework

The Signal and the Noise: Coaching Pre-Service Candidates to Teach with Questions, Tasks, and Sources
Kathy Swan, Ryan Crowley, Gerry Swan

Teacher educators are inundated with ideas about what their students should know. A newly developed protocol focused on questions, tasks, and sources can help teachers cut through this information overload. Secondary/High School    


Historical Argumentation in the Digital Age
Elizabeth Walsh-Moorman

The video essay assignment described in this article challenges students to build stronger arguments and helps them develop a deeper understanding of the past. Secondary/High School     US History

Research & Practice

Delving into Difficulty: Are Teachers Evading or Embracing Difficult Histories?
Tsafrir Goldberg

Teaching difficult histories has many challenges but it also offers important opportunities. Secondary/High School     World History, US History

Techlash? New Challenges of Technology in the Social Studies


Are We Forgetting Something? Historical Memory in a Digital Age
Michael J. Berson, Ilene R. Berson

How can we safeguard the records of our history in an ever changing digital landscape? Secondary/High School     US History, Civics/Government


Move Slower and Protect People: Toward Social Media Inquiry and Activism in Social Studies
Daniel G. Krutka

The devices, apps, and websites that are so intertwined in our students’ lives offer enriching opportunities for social studies inquiries into the ethics of technology. Secondary/High School     Civics/Government


Digital History 2020
Meghan McGlinn Manfra

Engaging students in inquiry with digital history helps advance their disciplinary literacy skills. Secondary/High School     US History, Civics/Government