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Social Education March/April 2017


Editor's Notebook
Michael Simpson


Lessons on the Law

The Curious Case of The Slants
Steven D. Schwinn

The Supreme Court case about Asian American singer Simon Tam's band can launch an engaging lesson on trademark law and the First Amendment.    


International Trade and Finance
Anne O. Krueger

There is little doubt that trade between countries is highly beneficial when there is a level playing field for competition. Policies that seek to interfere with trade are based on misconceptions.     Economics


The Economics of Brexit
Scott Niederjohn, Ashley Harrison, and J.R. Clark

A close examination of Britain's decision to leave the European Union can advance student understanding of key economic concepts like trade, free trade, costs and benefits, as well as immigration.



China's Rapid Economic Rise: A New Application of an Old Recipe
Yi Wen and Scott Wolla

Are democratic institutions a necessary precursor to economic development? Students can debate this issue and draw informed conclusions after studying the case of China's historic rise.



Illegal Trade: Human Trafficking
Barbara Flowers

The use of the tools of economics to analyze human trafficking will highlight the clear distinction between voluntary labor markets and the coercion involved in human trafficking.     Economics


FRED®'s Big Around the World Adventure: Using FRED® to Understand the Global Economy
Mark Bayles

The St. Louis Fed's free web-based data tools enable students to work with real-time data while they investigate international economic topics.     Economics


Taking a Stand for Integrated Housing
Mary Clare McNatt

The featured 1953 postcards both in support of and against integrating public housing can be used as a springboard for a lesson on segregation in the 1950s and Brown v. Board of Education.    


Helping Students Explore Their Community's Past through Photography
Cheryl Lederle

The highlighted photo of a crank telephone from a photo documentary project about rural, urban, and small town life can spark an interesting classroom discussion about changes in communication technology.    

Promoting Interactive Learning in the Social Studies Through Technology


Kid Citizen: Designing an App for Inquiry with Primary Sources
Ilene R. Berson, Michael J. Berson, & Bert Snow

The KidCitizen app engages young learners with primary sources as they explore issues like child labor, the role of Congress, and children's civic participation.



The Connecting Carolina Teaching with Primary Sources Program
Meghan Manfra & the Connecting Carolina Grant Team

Digital sources like Harriet Jacobs's Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl can involve students in a deep investigation of the long-term history and personal impacts of slavery in the United States.    


"If This Place Could Talk": Using Augmented Reality to Make the Past Visible
Aaron Johnson, David Hicks, Todd Ogle, David Bowman, David Cline, Eric Ragan

When students took on the role of junior detectives using an augmented reality application, they gained a close up look at the impact of segregated schooling in their own Virginia community. PreK-Elementary, Middle Level