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Social Education January/February 2014

NCSS Notebook
The Revitalization of Social Studies Stephen Armstrong
The NCSS conference, continued advocacy, and the C3 framework are essential components of our efforts to revolutionize social studies education. Secondary Level    
Sources and Strategies
Strike up Student Interest through Song: Technology and Westward Expansion Meg Steele
The featured photograph and works of music can launch an engaging lesson on the ways that technological advancements influenced westward expansion. Secondary Level     US History

They Should Have Sent a Poet: Deepening Students' Understanding of History Through the Use of Poetry Christopher Lopez
The highlighted poems offer deep insights into three wars in which America was involved. Secondary Level     US History

Historical Fiction, the Common Core, and Disciplinary Habits of Mind Sara L. Schwebel
Historical fiction draws students into the study of the past, enriches their understanding of events, and provides opportunities for cultivating historical analysis. Secondary Level    
Teaching with Documents
Records of Rights: A New Exhibit at the National Archives in Washington, D.C. Michael Hussey
The National Archives' latest exhibit spotlights the struggles of Americans to define rights related to citizenship, free speech, voting, and equal opportunity. Secondary Level     US History
Looking at the Law
An Introduction to the International Court of Justice Dan Naranjo
Studying the International Court of Justice and select cases can launch a stimulating class discussion about our increasingly interconnected world and the role of a global arbitrator. Secondary Level     Civics/Government
Research and Practice
Achieving Authentic Pedagogy: Plan Units, Not Lessons John Saye, the Social Studies Inquiry Research Collaborative
Authentic pedagogy engages students and spurs them to produce work that has value and impact beyond school. Secondary Level    
Point of View
Another Look at AP Larry Pahl
Does the College Board's AP program deserve its reputation as the gold standard for preparing high school students for college success? Secondary Level    

Coaching Strategies for AP: Building a Successful AP European History Program Jim Fornaciari
A former baseball coach transfers strategies for building a team-oriented winning culture on the field to promoting academic excellence in the AP European History classroom. Secondary Level     World History
Surfing the Net
What I Learned at NCSS 2013 C. Frederick Risinger
The sessions at NCSS's annual conferences present a wealth of information. These websites offer valuable resources and lesson plans that build on some highlights of the 2013 conference. Secondary Level    
The Making of Campaign 2012: Collision 2012 and Double Down David Wolfford
Two recently published books offer behind-the-scenes insight into the 2012 presidential campaign and can help teachers illustrate important electoral concepts. Secondary Level     Civics/Government
Point of View
Proposed National Standards for Financial Literacy: What's In? What's Out? Mark H. Maier, Deborah M. Figart, Julie A. Nelson
Financial education must go beyond focusing on the choices individuals face and examine the forces that shape and constrain these choices. Secondary Level     Economics

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