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Social Education January/February 2010

NCSS Notebook

The Civic Mission of Schools
Syd Golston

Six principles outlined by the Civic Mission of Schools Campaign can help us achieve our objective of preparing competent and responsible citizens. Secondary/High School    

China Today: Teaching about a Changing Cultural Landscape


Kathleen Woods Masalski and Tedd Levy

This special issue offers perspectives on China that will help teachers move beyond outdated assumptions in order to better educate students and encourage further study of this vast and complex country.

Secondary/High School    


Letter to Social Studies Teachers from the U.S. Ambassador to China, Jon Huntsman

Teachers have an essential role to play in preparing young Americans for the future relationship between the United States and China.

Secondary/High School    


Panda-Huggers and Dragon-Slayers: How to View Modern China Today
Rob Gifford

Two extreme positions that have long characterized outsider views of China--panda-hugger or dragon-slayer--have become increasingly untenable in the context of contemporary China.

Secondary/High School    


What I Wish My College Students Already Knew about PRC History
Kristin Stapleton

Five main themes outlined in this article can help secondary students integrate conflicting views on China, particularly since the establishment of the People's Republic.

Secondary/High School    


Chinese Geography through Chinese Cuisine
Jonathan N. Lipman

Teaching China's cuisines provides an engaging way of illustrating the diversity of Chinese society.

Secondary/High School    


Confucianism on the Comeback: Current Trends in Culture, Values, Politics, and Economy
Stephen C. Angle

The ancient principles of Confucius, which challenge unexamined thinking, are experiencing a multifaceted revival in China.

Secondary/High School    


Curriculum Reform and the Writing of High School History Textbooks in the People's Republic of China
Qi Chen

This past decade, China has taken a closer look at the role of history education and has revamped its history curriculum standards.

Secondary/High School    


Teaching About Ethnicities in China
Caryn White Stedman

The study of China's ethnic minorities presents students with an opportunity to examine questions of identity as well as civil and human rights.

Secondary/High School    


Ten Top Films for Teaching About China Today
Tanya Lee

This recommended list of films offers teachers a wealth of resources for engaging students with contemporary China.

Secondary/High School