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Social Education January/February 2008

NCSS Notebook
Crossing Borders, Building Bridges 
Gayle Y. Thieman
Through collaboration and involvement, we can meet the five critical challenges facing social studies educators today. High School

The Keys to the White House: Prediction for 2008 
Allan Lichtman
Students will comprehend the many factors that influence an election when they analyze why this successful prediction system forecasts a popular vote victory for the Democrats in 2008. High School Civics-Government
Teaching with Documents
Summer Schedule and The Fishin' Season: Cartoons by Clifford Berryman 
Christine Blackerby
The two featured political cartoons will stir classroom debate on how presidential election campaigns are planned. High School Civics-Government
Surfing the Net
Teaching Historical Analysis and Thinking Using the Internet 
C. Frederick Risinger
The websites highlighted in this column offer lesson plans, activities, and resources for teaching students to analyze the past and make better decisions about the future. High School US History, World History
Research and Practice
High Quality Civic Education: What Is It and Who Gets It? 
Joseph Kahne, Ellen Middaugh
If our democracy is to fulfill its promise of enabling citizens to participate fully and equally, we must do more to address why schools often fail to provide equal access to civic learning opportunities. High School Civics-Government
Looking at the Law
Across the Color Line: Diversity, Public Education, and the Supreme Court 
Michelle Parrini
This review of key Supreme Court cases dealing with school integration can foster class discussion on racial progress and the role of the courts in determining educational policy. High School Law-Related

Lessons from History: Defining Moments in the American Presidency and Foreign Policy 
Ann Claunch
A close look at two critical presidential moments of the twentieth century will help students grasp the significance of foreign policy in an election contest. High School US History

A Special Section: Natural Disasters

Addressing Student Trauma in the Wake of California Wildfires 
Valerie Ooka Pang, Marcelina Madueo, Miriam Atlas, Tamiko Stratton, Jennifer Oliger, Cindy Page
Although natural disasters occur with alarming frequency, most citizens are unprepared. The authors outline strategies for handling unexpected catastrophes and facilitating student healing. High School

How Schools Can Help: California Teachers Recall the Wildfires 
Dana Riggs, Marcelina Madueo, Miriam Atlas
Three San Diego teachers describe how sharing stories and volunteer work helped students recover from the wildfires and gain a greater sense of community. High School

Weathering Natural Disasters with a Net of Safety 
Ilene R. Berson, Michael J. Berson
With the right resources, teachers can foster safe and supportive environments for children coping with the trauma of natural disasters. High School

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