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Social Education April 2009

Teaching with Documents

Teaching with Documents, and Documents, and More Documents: The National Archives Digital Partnerships
Lee Ann Potter

A new National Archives partnership has made thousands of additional federal records available online free of charge. Secondary/High School     US History


The Day in the Life of a Teenage Hobo Project: Integrating Technology with Shneiderman's Collect-Relate-Create-Donate Framework
Justin Reich, Thomas Daccord

In this multi-day investigation of teenage homelessness during the Great Depression, students use a range of technologiessearch engines, blogs, and podcasting toolsto investigate the political, economic, and social history of the time. Secondary/High School     Social Sciences

Surfing the Net

What I Learned at the NCSS Annual Meeting2008 Edition
C. Frederick Risinger

The featured websites provide a glimpse of the countless resourcessuch as textbooks, trade books, maps, supplementary materials, and audio-visual materialsavailable in the NCSS conference exhibit hall. Secondary/High School    

Looking at the Law

Supreme Court Biographies as a Classroom Resource
John Paul Ryan

Supreme Court biographies can offer students new perspectives on American history and politics. In this column, the author interviews biographers of three renowned justices. Secondary/High School    

Social Studies 2.0: Thinking, Connecting, and Creating with Technology


Where and Why There? Spatial Thinking with Geographic Information Systems
Andrew J. Milson, Mary Curtis

High school students develop real-world geography and GIS skills when they perform a site selection analysis to determine the best location for a new business. Secondary/High School     Geography


Teaching with Rather than about Geographic Information Systems
Thomas C. Hammond, Alec M. Bodzin

Using GIS in the classroom can present unique challenges. Here, the authors outline key strategies for maximizing student understanding while minimizing technical friction. Secondary/High School     Geography


Making Sense of Social Studies with Visualization Tools
Ilene Berson, Michael Berson

A web-analysis tool known as a word cloud offers a creative approach to analyzing documents such as presidential speeches. Secondary/High School    


Making Connections: Using Online Discussion Forums to Engage Students in Historical Inquiry
Whitney Blankenship

Communicating in an online forum advances student reasoning and decision making while enabling teachers to interact more effectively with students and the curriculum. Secondary/High School     US History, World History


Using Digital History to Investigate Desegregation and Massive Resistance in Norfolk Public Schools
Meghan McGlinn Manfra

A new digital library chronicles the integration of all-white public schools in Virginia and offers students the opportunity to read related oral histories, editorial arguments, and legal decisions. Secondary/High School     US History


Worth the WAIT: Engaging Social Studies Students with Art in a Digital Age
B. Scott Crawford, David Hicks, Nicole Doherty

This unique Web 2.0 tool enhances students' literacy and inquiry skills as they critically engage with art. Secondary/High School