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Social Education April 2003


Editor's Notebook

In Focus


War With Iraq

An Information Section Prepared by the Staff of Social Education
This special section provides resources and teaching tips for addressing the war and helping students deal with unfolding events.

Looking At The Law


War Powers: A New Chapter in a Continuing Debate

Charles F. Williams
The Constitution gives Congress—not the president—the power to declare war, but Congress has used that power only five times.

Advancing Technology in Social Studies


Bringing the World into the Classroom with Online Global Newspapers

David Hicks and E. Thomas Ewing
Accessing global newspapers via the Internet provides a convenient way to use instructional technology while both helping students develop skills and advance their international knowledge.



Where in the World Is Lorena, Texas?Enhancing Local History Studies with Technology

Andrew J. Milson, Teresa D. Lloyd, L. Karen Estes, and Connie Mayfield
History becomes more meaningful to students when they study events from their own towns. The authors describe a variety of technology applications that can advance such research.



Promoting Social Science Inquiry with Database Technology

James Cantor, Peter Desberg, Diane Hembacher, and Nada Mach
Database technology offers students the opportunity to do the investigative work of real historians.



The Graphing Calculator: Helping Students Explore Social Studies Topics

John K. Lee and Kathryn Robinson
The article describes lessons that incorporate graphing calculators, which allow students to represent numerical data graphically. One such lesson investigates monetary policy in the Populist Era.



Using Digital Video to Study History

Colleen Swain, Rachael Sharpe, and Kara Dawson
The authors promote video as a powerful classroom tool that helps learners convey meaning while making their messages more easily interpreted by others.



Kickstarting Inquiry with WebQuests and Web Inquiry Projects

Philip E. Molebash and Bernie Dodge
The World Wide Web offers a plethora of resources to engage students; WebQuests and Web Inquiry Projects are two ways teachers can leverage these vast online resources.



Digital Literacy for Cybersafety, Digital Awareness, and Media Literacy

Ilene R. Berson and Michael J. Berson
Educators can help ensure that students experience safe and rewarding use of the Internet by instilling a set of appropriate online behaviors.



Latin America Online: Internet Resources and Web-Based Lessons

Andrew J. Milson
A growing collection of online resources and web-based lessons on Latin America can enable teachers to find effective and creative ways to teach about this region.

Surfing the Net


Teaching about War and Peace with the Internet

C. Frederick Risinger
The author compiles resources for students and teachers grappling with questions about the role of war in human history and about the possibility of creating a world without war.

Software Review


Landmines: Clearing the Way

A. L. Morgan
The author reviews an interactive CD-ROM that explores the impact of mines on individuals, nations, and the world.