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Inquiry in the Social Studies Classroom

May 20, 2015 - 8:00pm EDT

Today's teachers face a tremendous and competing challenge: obtain excellent and continually higher results on tests that generally only verify rote knowledge, while simultaneously teaching critical thinking, cooperation, and communication skills. The new Common Core State Standards combined with the National Council for Social Studies College, Career, and Civic Life Framework, demand teachers attend to higher order thinking skills, while often local and state exams measure only basic literacy, knowledge, and comprehension. The Suchman Inquiry Model described in this webinar allows teachers to teach both the facts and the skills through an inquiry approach which facilitates students' investigation of concepts using maps, graphs, primary source documents, news articles, artifacts, etc. Students develop a multifaceted perspective, draw conclusions, and come to new conceptual understandings. This learning model mirrors authentic tasks done by historians, researchers, writers, policy makers, educators, lawyers and others who rely on knowledge of the humanities for success.


Catherine Snyder, Associate Dean and Clinical Associate Professor of Education, Union Graduate College;
Mary Eads, Social Studies Teacher, Niskayuna High School;
Richard Lasselle, Adjunct Associate Clinical Professor of Education, Union Graduate College; and
Sean O'Connell, Social Studies Teacher, Niskayuna High School..

Fee: $20 members/$40 non-members