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2020 IDM Summer Institute

July 27, 2020 to July 28, 2020

Are You Ready to Inquiry?

The Sixth Annual IDM™ Summer Institute will now be ONLINE July 27-28, 2020!


Sponsored by C3 Teachers and National Council for the Social Studies, the IDM Summer Institute features online and hands-on opportunities for teachers to develop inquiry materials for use in their classrooms and to join a larger community of educators who share an interest in invigorating their classrooms through inquiry teaching and learning.

The institute will focus on introducing the Inquiry Design Model (IDM) and crafting classroom-ready inquiries and creating a range of whole group and small group work with classroom teachers, administrators, curriculum specialists/coaches. We will provide the tools and connections educational leaders need to deliver an IDM workshop in their schools or school systems and to scale up the IDM approach.

Although the learning environment is changing, participants will engage in all the same content that they would in an on-site experience. You will interact with other educators, learn about inquiry, and make new professional connections. And, with our new online format, we will support you after the Institute developing inquiry materials for use in your classroom.

All institute attendees will receive the following bonus material:

  • A hardcopy of the book by Kathy Swan, John Lee, and S.G. Grant, Inquiry Design Model: Building Inquiries in Social Studies

The Institute will feature the Inquiry Design Model (IDM), a unique approach to creating curriculum and instructional materials while relying on teacher expertise and experience. If you are working on implementing inquiry in your classroom, school or district – then this conference is for you!

Cost: $299 NCSS members / $399 nonmembers

Draft Agenda and Schedule (PDF)


What is the IDM Institute?

Inquiry Design Model Logo

Uniquely Different

Following the Inquiry Design Model (IDM)™, participants will develop a blueprint that begins with a compelling question and moves to the elements necessary to support students as they address that question in a thoughtful and informed fashion. Sessions are designed to actively engage participants in the construction of an inquiry by focusing on its key elements: questions, tasks, and sources. In doing so, participants will understand the conceptual foundations of inquiry and how to create additional materials on content topics that resonate with their students.

Distinctive Features

  • Smaller, intimate sessions facilitated by expert teachers and co-creators of the Inquiry Design Model.
  • Collaborations with K-20 educators across the country.
  • Time to work on inquiries for classroom implementation.
  • A Leadership strand to focus on scaling inquiry within a school, district, or state.

Who Should Attend?

  • K-12 Classroom Teachers
  • Administrators
  • Curriculum Specialists/Coaches
  • Higher Education Faculty
  • Teams: Exceptional opportunity to grow your leadership team. Time to learn and plan for your school or district’s next steps in implementation.

Who is facilitating?

The IDM Summer Institute will be guided by SG Grant (Binghamton University), John Lee (North Carolina State University), and Kathy Swan (University of Kentucky). SG, John, and Kathy direct the C3 Teachers Project and are writers of the C3 Framework and Inquiry Design Model™. They know first hand the critical role teachers play in the implementation and realization of ambitious teaching. Their work extends beyond the C3 into teacher education and preparing new teachers to tackle the challenges of teaching social studies in the 21st Century. The Facilitation Team will also include expert teachers who are steeped in IDM as both developers and implementers of inquiry. The Team looks forward to learning from all educators at the Summer Institute as they work collaboratively towards a common goal: Making inquiry possible in K-12 education!