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Bringing the Great War Home with WebMaps and 3-D Videos

February 27, 2018 - 7:00pm to 8:00pm EST

The Teaching and Mapping the Geography of the Meuse Argonne Offensive website was designed to help teachers and students, alike gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for the achievement, service, and sacrifice that occurred on the hills, fields, roads, towns, and farms of the Western Front between September 26th and November 11th 1918.

Gain access to learning resources and tools that will help:
1. Explain how geography and German defenses impacted AEF advancements during the Meuse Argonne Offensive.
2. Identify and explain how AEF overcame a number of “seemingly insurmountable” obstacles during the Meuse Argonne Offensive.
3. Analyze images and primary documents to explain the significance of the Meuse Argonne Offensive in American history.
4. Identify and explain what evidence from WWI is still present on France’s landscape nearly one hundred years after the Great was fought.
5. dentify the Meuse Argonne Cemetery and explain why it was built along the Western Front and discuss the role it serves today.
6. Use primary source evidence to explain the significance of the Meuse Argonne Offensive, the Meuse Argonne Cemetery, and Montfaucon American Memorials.
7. Use primary source evidence to identify examples of service, achievement, and sacrifice during the Meuse Argonne Offensive.

Participants will take away a number of classroom ready resources and lesson plans that leverage interactive technologies (layered web maps, 3-D videos, and geo-tagged primary sources) to help them and their students see and analyze what our doughboys experienced, sacrificed, and achieved during World War I. It is our hope that these technologies help you grasp why General Pershing explained that the Meuse Argonne offensive “stands out as one of the very great achievements in the history of American Arms.”


  • Chris Bunin - Virginia Geographic Alliance, teaches A.P. Human Geography, World History, and Geospatial Technologies at Albemarle High School in Charlottesville, Virginia. During the past decade he has collaborated on projects focused on leveraging geospatial technologies and geo-literacy in the classroom. These include: “The Virginia Experiment” and “America on the World Stage” Teaching American History Projects; the iSTEM Teacher Scholars Program: An Applied Geospatial Curriculum for Middle Schools; “Transatlantic Teacher Scholars: Change Over Time and Place in the Meuse-Argonne American Cemetery”; ESRI’s GeoInquiries for US History and Human Geography; the US Census Bureau’s Statistics in Schools Program; and the award winning book Jamestown to Appomattox: Mapping US History Using GIS (Carte Diem Press).  He is also Assistant Professor of Geography at Piedmont Virginia Community College and a member of the Virginia Geographic Alliance Steering Committee. This past December NCSS recognized Chris as the 2016 Outstanding Secondary Social Studies Teacher of the Year.; and
  • Teresa Goodin is the gifted resource teacher at Henley Middle School in Albemarle County, Virginia. She has been working in gifted education for ten years and previously taught high school Social Studies, Comparative Religion, and AP US History. As a gifted resource teacher, she works with all subjects and all grades to ensure Henley s gifted and advanced population is receiving appropriately challenging instruction and extra curricular activities. In addition to her work at Henley, Teresa has developed curriculum for historical sites such as Monticello and has presented at conferences and professional development workshops across the county. Her research and instructional interests include American History, Problem Based Learning, authentic curriculum and inquiry based history. Originally from Pittsburgh, PA she currently resides in Crozet, VA with her husband Logan and dogs.

Registration Fee: $20 NCSS members / $40 NCSS nonmembers

** If you are interested in attending all three mapping webinars being offered, register at a 15% discounted rate here.