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Outstanding Social Studies Teacher of the Year Panel

Enhance your teaching strategies toolbox by joining the 2017 Outstanding Social Studies Teachers of the Year as they share how they used tools such as the C3 Framework and NCSS Themes to bring their instruction to the next level by engaging students in meaningful learning.

Happy Professional Development in an Unhappy Time: Learning to Teach for Historical Thinking in a High-Pressure Accountability Context

Teachers benefit when professional development in historical thinking is longitudinal, collaborative, and learning-focused, with opportunities to discuss and try new practices in an intellectually nourishing environment. These aims can be confounded by school policy contexts that overemphasize achievement tests as accountability mechanisms. This presentation examines the interactions of PD and accountability pressures, with guidelines for program development and practices.

Local Links Build Engagement

Increase student engagement by pairing primary sources from local museums and libraries with materials from the Library of Congress

Finding Your Inner Yoda

Explore leadership, followership, and storytelling in the classroom through humor, inner reflection, and technology.


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