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Middle Level

Covering Controversy: 9/11 and Beyond

Explore how iconic New Yorker covers related to 9/11 offer entry points into controversial topics, including the shifting balance between civil liberties and national security, and the rise of Islamophobia.

A Creative Curriculum for a Crowded World

Combine world history, geography, and life sciences in this hands-on session exploring how human numbers and activities have shaped the Earth and atmosphere since the Industrial Revolution.

Preparing for the Future without Leaving the Past Behind

To prepare students for the 21st century, today's classrooms must integrate collaboration, critical thinking, literacy skills, and technology. Formative assessment implementation easily assesses learning and guides future instruction.

NCSS Notable Trade Book Author Talk!

Explore NCSS Notable Trade Books: exceptional books that speak to social studies concepts. Hear some authors of these books speak about their work, process, and outreach to students.


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