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Middle Level

Museums-Expanding Our Vision of the Traditional Classroom

Investigate researched-based museum methods on the American Revolution from Colonial Williamsburg master teachers. Character interpretation, hands-on learning, and technology provide innovative historical visions of 21st-century skills for students.

The Secret History of History

Viewing history through the lens of spying enables an examination of the secret history of history. Discover the secret operations that played a pivotal role in shaping today's world.

Don’t Neglect Your Neighbor: Teach Canada!

Though Canada and the U.S. are linked historically, economically, and geographically, our largest trading partner receives little instructional focus. Experience hands-on lessons about shared borders, economics, population, and language.

Religion in the Classroom: Focus on Judaism

Examine best practices for teaching about religion in public schools with a focus on the study of Judaism through an exploration of Jewish history, beliefs, and practices.

Deeper Thinking DBQ

Gain an understanding of the value of Document-Based Questions, and how to change the focus from an open analysis to a deeper analysis while incorporating argumentative writing skills within each document analysis. Participants will also identify ways to scaffold the DBQ process for special population students, ELL and Special Needs. Participants will gain an understanding of how to include documents to teach content and learning that is student-centered instead of teacher-centered. World War I documents will be used to drive the session.


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