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Middle Level

Podcasting with 7th Graders

Mission: Create a 15-minute podcast! Get students to devise their own questions that lead their own independent research, analysis and writing as they dive into historic topics.

Gamify Your Texas History Classroom

Learn about ways to increase student engagement and learning in your classroom with FRECK! and RISK IT! for Texas history. Created by teachers for teachers.

Teaching With Conceptual Units

Teaching with conceptual units abandons the traditional chronological approach to teaching history in favor of a thematic approach. Receive tips on how to reorganize the curriculum into manageable units that establish current-day relevance to social studies content.

Fun and Easy Formative Assessment

Formative assessment does not have to be boring. Explore ideas to make formative assessments fun and receive plenty of digital resources and templates.

3-D Engagment in the Civil War

Explore the Civil War using a variety of immersive technologies such as augmented and virtual reality experiences and student-created products.

Chasing STEM Funds

Chasing the funding to put STEM back into Geography through grant writing? The scientific side of Geography is no longer out of reach on a social studies budget.


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