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Social Studies and the Anniversary of Sputnik

Sixty years ago today, October 4, 1957 the Soviet Union launched Sputnik. From that point on the emphasis on science and math education consumed the American public. Other curriculums including social studies/science took a back seat. Those emphasis in education still remain today.

It is time for all social studies/science educators, department chairs and district/state coordinators to speak up about their educational passion. The communities we educate need to understand we create citizens. We engage students to seek facts and make decisions. We help students know the difference from "Fake News" to what is factual.

The space program of the former Soviet Union now Russia and the United States have expanded more than most could imagine from Sputnik. The social studies/science class is not the same as 1957. It is now our time to rise, to dream beyond our classroom walls, to "go where no social studies/science educator has gone before."