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Go Beyond the Road with TxDOT

Learn about the primary resources the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) can provide your class (maps! postcards!) and see how you can incorporate a story of a freedman's farm in your classroom.

If WE Build It They Will Learn

When teachers and instructional facilitators design with student learning in mind, great things happen in the classroom. See specific examples of how this partnership benefits all students (particularly ELL & SPED) in Ms. Calixto's World Geography class. Content will feature geography but strategies work across contents.

Engaging Your Students with Social Studies Games

Discover social studies games developed by student teachers in their methods class. These games address different skill strategies vital for student success. Receive new ideas on how to cover different themes.

AP Bootcamp for First Time AP Students

Learn how to introduce incoming 9th graders to an AP course. The camp focuses on introducing and practicing such key skills and concepts as notetaking from an AP textbook, how to study for an AP exam, and how to write for an Free Response Question. Receive examples of lessons and activities that will emphasize these skills and concepts.

Bring History to Life Through VR

Learn how to identify and access free virtual reality to help bring history to life. Leave with the enthusiasm and confidence you need to take students on virtual field trips. Beginners and the reluctant are welcome!

Collaborate, Integrate, and Differentiate Social Studies

Receive classroom-proven lessons that incorporate technology and student collaboration and will help you provide targeted instruction and scaffolding to benefit all learners. Activities are engaging and can be used in any social studies classroom.

Can Quebec Separate from Canada's Too Much Geography?

Integrate geography into your inquiries on Quebec separatism and Canadian government. Receive resources on how the existence of a French minority in Canada impacts the country's constitution and citizenship rights.


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