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National Geographic’s Geo-Inquiry Process in Action

National Geographic's Geo-Inquiry process national launch. Learn how National Geographic collaborated with Project Citizen to create a new instructional guide to empower your students to make a difference in the world.

Become a National Geographic Certified Educator

Join the official launch of the National Geographic Educator Certification Program. Complete Phase 1 today to join a community of educators committed to creating a more sustainable world.

How Should the Social Studies Address Climate Change?

Discover online resources and innovative, hands-on activities to connect climate change with the history of industrialization, current energy use, and projected risks to vulnerable communities around the globe.

I'll Trade Ya! Using Trade in Relation to Geography

Learn about an interactive lesson plan that utilizes such themes as global interdependence, exports, imports, and geography, with students working on these themes in a way that gets them involved and expands their knowledge.


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