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What's the State of Our World?

Discover data visualizations and hands-on activities to help students think critically about the state of life on Earth for the 7.6 billion people and the ecosystems that support us.

Who Am I? Where Am I? Map-Making with Middle-Schoolers

Deepen your students' comprehension of social studies with map-making. Learn ways to infuse your middle school classroom with fun, interdisciplinary mapping activities while gaining valuable insights into your students' lives.

World Regions: Revisited, Renamed, Redrawn?

Participate in a re-exploration of world regions--those mental constructs that shape how AP Human Geography and other students learn about their world. Can they be more accurate, fair, and useful?

Creating Consensus in the New Arctic

Engage students in a decision-making inquiry as they apply knowledge of the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea, Arctic Council, indigenous populations, shipping routes, climate change, China's interests, oil reserves, and UN Sustainable Development Goals.


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