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Engaging Your Students with Social Studies Games

Discover social studies games developed by student teachers in their social studies methods class. These games address different skill strategies vital for student success. Receive new ideas on how to cover different themes.

Collaborate, Integrate, and Differentiate Social Studies

Receive classroom-proven lessons that incorporate technology and student collaboration and will help you provide targeted-instruction and scaffolding to benefit all learners. Activities are engaging and can be used in any social studies classroom.

Online Education in Geography

Explore the opportunities that online education has for teaching and learning geography. Share your questions, ideas, and insights. Receive handout with resources.

Geography in a Box

Elementary students need multiple opportunities to practice spatial thinking using hands-on activities. Learn how to create a Geography Box for your classroom.

Spatial Citizenship Inquiry with Census Data

Enhance your instructional strategies to promote elementary students' inquiry on spatial citizenship using census data. Learn about online resources including lesson plans that promote spatial citizenship inquiry.


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