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The Fund for the Advancement of Social Studies Education (FASSE) is seeking applicants for board membership. FASSE was created in 1984 by NCSS to support research and classroom application projects that improve social studies education and promote engaged, effective citizens.

What does the FASSE board do?

Today the FASSE Board administers three awards programs and the fund that supports them. The $2500 Christa McAuliffe Reach for the Stars Award is granted annually to help classroom teachers develop innovative social studies projects with their students. The CUFA-FASSE Social Studies Inquiry Grant funds up to $10,000 (when funds permit) to support inquiry in citizenship education. The IA-FASSE International Understanding Grant funds up to $5,000 (when funds permit) to support collaborative projects that enhance international relationships and global perspectives.

What are FASSE board member responsibilities?

  • Be an NCSS member in good standing
  • Attend the annual FASSE board meeting at the NCSS Annual Conference at your personal expense.
  • Actively participate throughout the year on at least one FASSE subcommittee such as fundraising, Christa McAuliffe award, IA-FASSE award, CUFA-FASSE award.
  • Respond in a timely manner to emails and communication from FASSE board and NCSS staff

What are the qualities of effective FASSE board members?

  • Organized and able to complete tasks in a timely manner
  • Experience with fundraising, award promotion and selection, and/or public relations
  • Collaborative and motivated team member
  • Creative and innovative thinker
  • Full and active participation from all levels of education, all ethnic groups, and all geographic areas is encouraged.

How do I apply?

You can apply online. Be sure to include a resume or CV that includes your professional background and also write a statement of why you wish to be appointed to the FASSE board and the skills and experiences you would contribute.

FASSE Board Application

When are FASSE board members appointed and by whom?

Currently board members are appointed by July 1 to serve staggered three-year terms. Six members are appointed by the NCSS president. A total of four members are selected by the Associated Groups: Council of State Social Studies Supervisors (CS4); National Social Studies Supervisors Association (NSSSA); College and University Faculty Assembly (CUFA), and International Assembly (IA).

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