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Executive Director's Message

Summer Reading

My birthday is in July. As a social studies educator who spent most of his life in New York, I always took pride in the fact that my birthday falls on the same day that New York ratified the U.S. Constitution (although not in the same year, of course). Last July, I announced a personal challenge to read one book per week as my “new year” goal. For the first month, I regularly shared the title and short impressions of the previous week’s book. Then my postings trailed off. This was not because I made a lofty but unrealistic resolution.

Lights, Camera …Social Studies in Action!

We are pleased to announce the official opening of registration for our NCSS 99th Annual Conference themed A4 | Austin Informed Action: Agency, Advocacy, Activism! We are equally pleased to take this step in partnership with two outstanding professional associations, the National Council for Geographic Education and the Texas Council for the Social Studies.

Celebrating the Professional

Spotlight interviews with NCSS members. A podcast on teaching racial literacy and controversial issues. A statement celebrating the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. An archived lesson plan on baseball in the World War I era. What do these four things have in common? They are the content of our “Top 10” most-read articles in The Social Studies Professional over the past year!

Social Studies in Action

In November 2018, the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) released an infographic on The Marginalization of Social Studies, calling the limited instructional time devoted to social studies “an issue of equity for all students.” I could not agree more! I highly encourage you to download this free resource. Share it with everyone you know. Start a conversation and share a personal story about how social studies matters to every student, every day.

The Season for Campaigns and Conferences

Just as our country is gearing up to vote in mid-term elections later this fall, our association is also preparing to elect its future leaders. We are pleased to announce our slate of candidates for the 2019–2020 Board of Directors. This year, 21 members answered the call to lead our association—and to build our future for social studies education. Now is the time to learn all about our candidates.

Headed for the Future

Throughout my career, professional associations have been my lifeline to a world of colleagues, connections, and learning beyond my classroom and office. As we begin “a new year” at NCSS, our Annual Conference theme—Building the Future of Social Studies—is both our mission and our promise to each member in our social studies community. I owe my success to our social studies professional associations at every level.

The Civic Life of Social Studies

Each year, National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS) participates in a nationwide survey for high school seniors and social studies teachers through My College Options. Included in this survey are several questions for students about their social studies school experience, and other questions for teachers about their social studies programs and general professional learning needs. I am starting to share our 2017-18 survey results, following up on my “State of Social Studies in 2017” presentations to Affiliated Councils and other groups last year.