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Ethnic Issues

Ethnic Studies Now: A Thematic Course for High School

Participants will gain a clear understanding of the nature of Ethnic Studies, the research that supports Ethnic Studies course participation, and the benefits of an interdisciplinary, thematic approach to curriculum.

435 + 33: The Congressional Elections

The mid-term campaigns begin in months. Contested primaries in heavily-gerrymandered House districts and expensive statewide Senate races will determine control of Congress and the national agenda.

Never Too Much Drama for Your Classroom!

Students enjoy active classrooms and they embrace opportunities for more engagement in lessons. How about adding a skit, play, or reenactment? Your lessons will come alive and be more meaningful.

Ties That Bind: Mapping U.S.-East Asia Connections

This innovative collaborative digital mapping project allows teachers and students to experience the bridges between the people, places, and events connecting the United States and China, Japan, and Korea.


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