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Where Can GeoFRED Take You?

Explore your community, state, and the world with GeoFRED. This free online data-mapping tool will customize and create unique maps with applicable data. Bring your laptop for a great adventure.

Globalization in Economics

Why has globalization increased in the 20th and 21st century? Students will analyze this question by examining economic growth within countries and develop arguments supporting and criticizing globalization.

Economic Underpinnings of Financial Education

Explore the foundational economic principles key to making informed, intentional financial decisions. Through discussion and brainstorming, attendees will identify opportunities and strategies to infuse economic principles into financial education.

What Makes Money, Money?

Explore new ideas that teach young children about money. Participate in activities that use videos, puzzles, posters, readings, and manipulatives to teach the characteristics and functions of money using kid-friendly language.


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