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Article 9 Removal from Membership

Section 1:

The procedure for removal shall be determined by the faculty sponsor, the
school faculty selection committee, and the school administration and shall be
in compliance with the rules and regulations stated by the National Advisory
Council. A written description of these procedures and the removal process
shall be available to all members at the time of their induction.

Section 2:

Members who fall below the required standards that were used as the basis of
membership selection shall be provided one written warning from the chapter
sponsor. The member shall have a reasonable amount of time to correct the
deficiency prior to removal proceedings beginning.

Section 3:

In the event that a serious violation of school rules/policies or civil laws
has occurred, the chapter sponsor and faculty selection committee may forgo
the written warning.

Section 4:

In the case of impending removal proceedings, the member has the right to
request a formal hearing before the chapter sponsor and the faculty selection
committee. This request must be made in writing by the member in question two
weeks prior to the hearing being set.

Section 5:

A removed member may be reinstated into the local chapter when the faculty
sponsor and the faculty selection committee determine that the removed member
qualifies for reinstatement. Such members must reapply and are subject to
selection from the faculty selection committee again.

Section 6:

The chapter sponsor shall notify the National Rho Kappa Advisory Council
promptly of any member dismissals and any member reinstatements.

Section 7:

The National Rho Kappa Advisory Council shall hear no appeals in the cases of
membership removal and shall respect the decision of each local chapter
regarding their membership.