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Article 6 Membership

Section 1:

Membership in a local chapter is bestowed upon a student by that local
chapter. A faculty selection committee assembled at the high school in which
the chapter resides shall confer the memberships. The selection committee
shall consist of the chapter faculty sponsor and other faculty members within
the school. Membership is based upon academic achievement in courses within
the field of social studies as well as overall academic GPA.

Section 2:

Once selected, members have the responsibility to continue to demonstrate high
academic standards; including maintaining high grades in their social studies
courses. Failure to do so will result in removal from the organization.

Section 3:

There are three types of membership: active, alumni, and honorary. The
definitions are:

  • Active members are current high school students and shall remain active members while they maintain the required GPA until their graduation, at which time they will become alumni members.
  • Alumni members are members who have graduated with good standing within the organization and may be invited by the high school to attend or participate in chapter events; however, they have no voice and no vote in chapter affairs.
  • Honorary memberships may be awarded by consent of the faculty sponsor and the high school faculty body, to school officials, principals, teachers, community members, and former graduates whose achievements in the advancement of social studies and related fields merit such recognition. Chapters may induct up to two honorary members per year. Honorary members have no voice and no vote in chapter affairs.

Section 4:

Active members shall demonstrate an ability to work with others, to conduct
research and inquiry in the field of social studies and shall possess
qualities of industry, initiative, and reliability as they pertain to academic

Section 5:

Active members shall also exhibit a genuine interest in, and enthusiasm for,
social studies scholarship and topics.

Section 6:

Active members shall contribute service to the high school or the community in
which the chapter resides at the direction and discretion of the school's
principal and the chapter's sponsor.

Section 7:

Any current Rho Kappa member in good standing who transfers to another high
school and brings a letter of verification from their former principal or
chapter sponsor to the new school shall be automatically accepted as a member
into the new school's chapter.

Section 8:

Selection into Rho Kappa shall not be based, in any way, on the basis of race,
religion, national or ethnic origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, or
physical or mental disabilities.