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Article 5 Local Chapters

Section 1:

Any accredited public high school or non-public secondary school accredited or
approved by a state department of education or by an accrediting agency is
eligible to apply for a charter of a local chapter. Each high school shall
have their own chapter unless there is not a faculty sponsor available. In
such instances, one chapter may be shared as long as all other constitutional
requirements are met and fulfilled.

Section 2:

Each chapter shall complete a charter application, supplied by the Rho Kappa
Advisory Council and pay a chartering fee of $150

Section 3:

Each chapter shall pay an annual affiliation fee to the national organization
of $75

Section 4:

Each chapter shall pay an annual induction fee of $5 per new inductee.

Section 5:

Local chapter membership dues, if any, shall be determined by the local
chapter and shall be subject to the approval of the faculty advisor and the
school administrator.

Section 6:

Local chapters shall adhere to this Rho Kappa national constitution and
failure to do so may result in the loss of chapter membership.

Section 7:

Each chapter shall submit its current membership list and any associated fees
or dues responsibilities to the National Advisory Council by October 1 each

Section 8:

Any chapter that does not submit annually (1) current membership list and (2)
annual national affiliation fees shall be deemed inactive. After two years of
inactive status, the chapter shall forfeit its charter. The chapter may apply
for reinstatement upon resubmitting reactivation papers and fees to be
determined by the National Advisory Council.

Section 9:

Local councils may be named in honor of an individual who has made
contributions to the social studies or the local community.