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Article 15 Bylaws

Section 1:

Each chapter shall write bylaws to execute the national organization's
constitution and/or to further clarify the chapter's operating procedures.
Bylaws for each local chapter do not need the approval of the National
Advisory Council but must be consistent with and not be in conflict with the
national constitution.

Section 2:

The chapter bylaws shall contain but is not limited to, the information

  • membership selection criteria
  • the scheduling of meetings
  • the election, duties, and responsibilities of officers
  • the chapter sponsor duties and responsibilities
  • criteria and procedures for removal from an office
  • filling vacancies of officer positions
  • criteria and procedures for removal from membership
  • method and procedure for ratification of the bylaws

Section 3:

Each chapter must ensure that a copy of its bylaws is on file with the school.

Section 4:

Each local chapter shall submit to the National Advisory Council any changes
made to their bylaws after initial affiliation."