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Article 13 Official Insignia

Section 1:

Rho Kappa shall have an official emblem selected by the Board of Directors of
the National Council for the Social Studies. The National Advisory Council
shall have the exclusive control of its use.

Section 2:

All Rho Kappa insignia must be procured from the Rho Kappa National Advisory
Council and members and local chapters may not reproduce or substitute any
officially designated insignia.

Section 3:

Only active, alumni, and honorary members are allowed to wear the official

Section 4:

Any member who resigns or is removed from membership shall not be permitted or
entitled to wear the emblem.

Section 5:

The emblem shall bear the official name of the organization: Rho, meaning
"resh" or "head" and Kappa, meaning "palm of the hand." These words together
symbolize the purpose and mission of the organization which is knowledge and
wisdom combined with service.

Section 6:

The official colors of the emblem shall be NCSS blue and white.